Hidden Wounds

Image is taken by me.

Hidden Wounds

Chunni, yarn/thread, needle, printmaking transfer sheet.

This piece depicts the idea of sexually harassed and abused women. This is shown by the use of my material and the meaning of my quote, “She’s aesthetically alluring, don’t let them play with it and keep it enduring.” I created a traditional henna design in the illuminated manuscript because the Bengali and Indian culture is a part of my identity. I stitched my quote on a traditional Indian scarf called the chunni because this garment covers a womans head to show respect and modesty.

My Audience

The audience that I imagine to visit my site would be the type of people interested in art. My blog posts are mainly art driven so I would assume people interested in the same thing as me would find my blog intriguing. I imagine young teens, young adults, and maybe even older, visiting my blog. Hopefully, my targeted audience finds my art and blog posts interesting. When my audience views my posts, I imagine that they scroll through the blog and take a minute to view my posts.

The overall layout of my blog is created in a way so that my audience finds to easy to scroll through and that they don’t miss any content and images. The first image that appears when the visitor is on my blog is a landscape picture of me leaning on a brick wall of graffiti, and that should give them an idea or expression of myself or my blog. I decided to go with the dark theme because it fits in better with the style of blog that I am trying to create and also with my art. Having my Instagram page shared on my blog site will also give my audience a better idea of what I do outside of school.

Hopefully my audience enjoys what I post on my blog!

Peer Review #2

Image taken by me from Makshada’s blog.

I had been assigned to peer review Makshada’s blog. From reading her “about me” page, it seems that Makshada is using her page to be expressive about her personal feelings and interactions. She mentions writing little notes about her feelings, which is somewhat similar to me because I take my feelings and create it into poetry. When she also mentions “BLUE thoughts”, I thought that was somethings also similar to me because my poetry is mainly based off of “BLUE thoughts”. Reading her “about me” page gives a brief but straightforward idea of what her blog is about.

While scrolling and reading through her blog, I had noticed that her layout is very simple, easy to read, and unified. Her layout is unified due to her repetition of her certain layout. I admired how easy it is to find specific topics on her website. I also liked the side of her page how she adds tags because for the viewer, it makes it easier to know more about her blog as well. I also like how the more tags she uses, the larger the tag is and that creates awareness of what her posts are based on.

Image taken by me from Makshada’s blog.

Gerts Travis mentions in the reading from class, “These layouts show engaging, powerful messages that internalize without even reading the piece. The art direction isn’t a substitution for the content, but it begs us to dive in and get dirty. The cover gives us a hint about what’s inside, and teases out our emotion, begging us to read the rest.” After reading this, I realized that Makshada could use some more intriguing pictures to capture attention for her viewers. For example, if she blogs about somethings really upsetting, she can add a sorrow picture to create a bold visualization for her post. Like Makshada had mentioned in her “about me” section, “BLUE thoughts”, she can have a visual representation of a blue thought for her post.

The way she has her header on top and on the side is helpful because it gives the visitor to her site an option. The drop down menu Makshada has for her ‘Academic’ section makes it easier for the visitor to also identify which post is supposed to be in each category. A variety of fonts would also look different and interesting to add some mood/tone to her posts.

Overall, Makshada has done a great job with making her blog look easy to explore and simple. I will be looking forward to her future posts!

You can find Makshada’s blog here.

Internal Emotions

Image taken by me

Internal Emotions

Plywood board, acrylic paint, metal, nails, cloth, ink, texture paint, plastic, glue.

This is one of my more abstract pieces. This piece is an artistic representation of my feelings and mental state when I feel anxiety, anger, frustration or any negative emotion. I decided to freely experiment and use material and throw it on this board.

Essay 1: Fyre Festival

Fyre Festival was known to be the greatest party that never happened in 2017. This festival is a great example to show how influential and manipulative social media can be. Fyre Festival also is a great example to show how celebrities and social media influencers can create rapid buzz to certain audiences. Billy McFarland, known to be the co-founder of Fyre Festival is not serving a six year prison sentence due to conning people. In this essay, I will discuss the scam advertisements and conning that Billy created. This essay will show how the online world can be unpredictable and untrustworthy. Social media can be seen as a strengthener for democratic figures to help with their false promises, as shown through Billy McFarland’s actions. The way McFarland takes advantage of social media to promote his scam, Fyre, clearly shows that social media can be a democratic space. Social media is seen as a democratic space because of how people can express themselves for example, twitter. Twitter was a significant social media platform helped to create awareness about Fyre.

Billy McFarland’s fantasy was to create the most luxurious and extravagant music festival. His way to promote this event was through the largest social media platforms such as instagram and twitter. Ja Rule the rapper was also involved but he did not know once that Billy was conning this whole festival. While watching Fyre on Netflix, it was mentioned how Billy promoted the event by mentioning how the location is on Pablo Escobar’s island and flying thousands of people on private jets to the Bahamas. Gabrielle Bluestone the journalist says, Fyre was the “coolest party you’d ever seen advertised”.

Billy McFarland promoted this event through instagram by “social media influencers” including socialite and model, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Chanel, and Emily Ratajkowski. Billy suggested that these models post a picture on instagram with the hashtag, #fyrefestival to get more attention, which is shown on the Netflix documentary, Fyre. One of the women also posted the mannequin challenge on instagram to attract the pop culture audience. Kendall Jenner was paid $250,000 by wire transfer just to post this pos to promote attention and buzz:

Screenshot taken by me while watching Fyre documentary.

When the models started posting pictures and using the hashtag, it caught a lot of attention to the viewers creating the festival to go viral. The Daily Mail talks about how they were hashtagging the “fyrefestival” as well. Billy mentions in the Fyre documentary, that he had “400 of the biggest people around the world, influencers, models, comedians, artists, actresses, and actors at the same time posting the ambiguous burnt orange Fyre tile. And there is a caption saying, join me at fyrefestival.com”.

After having these famous people posting images and creating more awareness, millions of people were expected to visit the site, which did happen. Fyre Festival then became sold out with people having high expectations without knowing that everything was a huge scam. Billy had advertised these luxurious accommodations and high end food but in reality, nothing was even close to what Billy had promised. Influencers were even promised a house on the beach after posting four images to promote the festival but the houses did not even exist. Everything was just all talk.

While watching the Fyre documentary, Billy McFarland was on a talk show and was interviewed. Billy mentioned how he had found a guy named Reggie Muscles on instagram and paid him $500 to get Ja Rule to perform at one of his events. The next day, Reggie brings in a guy named Gunner and Gunner asked for $1000 if he wanted Ja Rule to perform. So, Billy went along with it and paid him the money for Ja Rule to perform but Reggie contacted Billy back saying how Ja Rule hates your offer. This is another example of how there are many ways people can con and scam you because it is that easy to make someone believe something in the online world.

Through Billy’s strategies of using influencers to post on social media, he created a lot of hype. After all the hype and awareness, Billy created a Fyre app  that had the potential to be a billion dollar platform. He also created more awareness through getting in touch with a Fuckjerry.. Fuckjerry published Ja Rule’s pitch about Fyre in order to get more views and attention. Ja Rule and Billy also decided to create a promotional shoot that ended up more like a party as it featured an open bar, party, and drinking. Celebrities had a huge impact on promoting this festival because that is how many people get information and that is how things go viral. When the people had arrived to the festival, everything turned out to be a huge lie because nothing turned out to be the way that they thought it would be. They were offered fast food and accommodation that looked nothing like what was promoted online and what was bought for. There were no celebrities or music. Everything was a joke.

Below are some images captured from the fake festival:

This is supposed to be the dome shaped room that was advertised “luxurious”.

This was the meal that was provided to them.

This Fyre festival is a great example to show how someone like Billy can easily trick people and create a huge lie on social media. Social media platforms are a great place to promote and advertise events especially when you have celebrities and influencers creating awareness. Now, the island workers are in a lot of debt because of everything that Billy initiated but never followed through with his plans. There is a fundraising campaign  for the Bahamian Restaurant due to the debt Billy left them in. They have raised over $140,000. Due to Billy’s illegal actions and conning people, now he is sentenced six years in prison for wire-fraud. Fyre Festival shows how people have their own right to post what they want on social media platforms because of our democratic society.

Work Cited:

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“Fyre.” Netflix, 2019.

Significant Others

Image taken by me.

Significant Others

Plywood board, paper, xacto knife, black spray paint.

My piece includes faces of individuals that have influenced of motivated me throughout my life. My quote “you learn from your experiences/ trying to seperate the good from the bad/ but you need something bad to experience the good” briefly depicts the situations and challenges I have faced in my life and also face more in my future. These faces of significant others have also been involved in my personal life.

Guest Speaker: Mauvé Page

Today in class we had a guest speaker come in, Mauvé Page. She is a web designer and discussed topics that guided us to have an aesthetic looking blog. Topics such as fonts, white space, image size, and consistency were some out of the many things she discussed. Page’s presentation was engaging, fun, and informative.

Something that I found helpful during her presentation was when she discussed the weight of images, and how that can slow down the speed of your website. Being aware of how large the files that you upload is very important but thanks to WordPress, it handles that for us so we don’t have to worry too much about that. Page also mentioned how downloading lighter fonts than heavier ones help with the speed of your website as well.

Image taken from here

I honestly never realized how important fonts are. Fonts are what speaks to my viewers and add personality to my posts. Although we can get carried away with fonts, it is important to keep them unified and to match fonts with what you are writing about. During the exercise, we were supposed to trace fonts that best match a blog. For example, we were given a list of fonts and 3 different types of blogs to choose from and our group chose the “hipster food blog”. Then, we had to pick two different fonts that fit with that blog. Once we were done, another group had to guess which blog we chose by looking at the fonts we thought best matched the blog. The font exercise then made me realize how important fonts are.

Mauvé Page’s presentation really helped with educating me on how much the little things matter on your blog. It helped me understand the importance of fonts, white space, colour, and more. After her presentation, I certainly feel like there’s a lot more I can work on to make my page look unified, consistent, and not so boring.


Here is my art piece that I installed in my art exhibition last year.

Image taken by me
Image is taken by me.


Matches, bandages, Fish Oil pills, knives, red solo cups, wooden panels, spray paint, acrylic paint, tack glue.

My piece illustrates the idea of abuse with the use of three-dimensional repeated objects. The objects signify different types of abuse: matches and pills represent drug abuse, mini red solo cups reveal alcoholism and knives symbolize self-harm. The bandages are a metaphor for the act of covering up abuse or eventually healing it. Throughout this piece I used a Mandela effect, which is a technique often used in art therapy because of its balance in symmetry. Artist Tara Donavon influenced my piece as she uses dramatic three-dimensional repeated objects.

My Online Self

Image taken from me

You may have not met me in person, so you would be wondering how i’m like in person. To tell you the truth, sharing myself online feels restricting and limited. I say this because you always have to be careful about the things you say and post online because the online world isn’t always safe or trustworthy. But, whatever I share online, is my true self. I don’t have time to be fake or someone I’m not because that’s just not the type of person I am. That’s why whenever I add posts on my blog I try to write in a way that feels like I am talking to my audience as if I’m there, face to face having a conversation. There’s a lot of me that I don’t post online because there’s is only so much you can see in a person over their blog posts. Everything seems much more real in person. My online self does express who I am but not to the full extent. I also don’t want to add so much online because if someone really wants to get to know me, I prefer that in person. I think I am much more reserved online because once something is published, it will be there forever. There is so much more to me from the things I post on my blog or pictures I post on Instagram.