Image taken from me.
Image is taken from me

This is a piece I made and here is my text describing this work:


Watercolour on canvas.

This piece shows an abstract watercolour painting of a woman during menstruation. I decided to name this piece ​Womenstruation ​because it is something natural that is part of a woman’s monthly cycle. I feel that we should be more open and accepting of the fact that this is a normal thing that happens and a woman should not feel ashamed or limited to daily activities that an individual wishes to do. Neither should a woman on her period feel unclean or be seen as unclean as menstruation is natural and normal.

Mini Assignment

Hi there, Spiderman here!

Nishita needed my help with capturing some really cool images that she couldn’t get. I told her I would be glad to help. The reason she needed my help especially was because of my ability to shoot out webs and fly building to building, which obviously she can’t do. You see my friend, there are several styles of graffiti and there is this one style called Heaven. Why is it called heaven? This style is called heaven because these installations are placed way above you, on very tall buildings where you have to climb up and get there. It would take a lot of effort and risks for Nishita to get there and capture those images so I told her I would help her out. My photography skills aren’t THAT bad when I’m in my suit. Look, I will prove to you that I have done it before.

The featured image is taken from here

See, I told you! I can’t wait to go find cool graffiti art around the city that maybe no one has ever seen! Nishita will be so amazed at what my superpowers are capable of and hopefully my photography skills… Anyways, I gottta get going before I run out of time for being in charge. Oh, before I start swinging from building to building once again, let me add my selfie to this blog post.

The featured image link is here

All right my friends, I shall see you all later!

Peace & love,


Peer Review #1

Reviewing Kimberly’s food blog was pretty exciting because the content is a lot different from mine and interested me because I love food. While reviewing her blog, I seperated my feedback in two sections: “What I like” and “Suggestions”. Below I have listed my feedback for Kimberly.

What I like:

For me visuals are key and right when I visited her blog, her visuals were nicely laid out nicely in a way to make it easier to comprehend what her post is about. I also really liked how I was able to click next on her posts so it is easier for the viewer to find what they would be interested in. This setup also just had the title and picture for blog posts making it simple and straight to the point of what she is posting.

The way she had her header organized as, “posiel”, “blog”, and “about”, made it simple and easy for me to find what I was looking for. The visuals of the food really help with knowing how the food looks and visualize what she is blogging about. Kimberly adding the price of each person really helps out knowing ahead of time of approximately how much I would have to spend on the food that I am about to eat. Having a heads-up before actually visiting the place knowing from a person who has experienced the food place with the price makes me trust how much I will be spending on what I would eat.


With Kimberly’s amazing layouts and details to her blog, I have a few suggestions what I think would personally improve her blog. I think having ratings categorized by food, customer service, ambience etc. for the food places she visits will help the viewer have a simple and fast understanding of the place. An example can be rating with stars (5 stars being the really good) or numbers like, customer service: 5/5, meaning she experiences excellent customer service. Having a description of the ambience can also help people have a better idea of the atmosphere, vibe, and environment they will be expecting if they were to attend the place. I love the pictures she has included already but even adding more images of the place/ambience would be really helpful as well.

Overall, Kimberly has done a great job with her blog so far. I would definitely go back and visit her blog for my interest in food. I am looking forward to her future posts.

Keep up the great work Kimberly!

Visit blog
Images taken from Kimberly’s blog

Art Gallery of Toronto

Here are few of many pieces from the gallery I visited in Toronto. The Art Gallery of Toronto is a lot bigger than the Vancouver Art Gallery and has many more installations of various art pieces. I few included images and a video I had taken while visiting the gallery.

Images and videos are taken by me.

Graffiti Alley

My favourite kind of art is street art and graffiti. When I visited Toronto, I was dying to see their graffiti alley. When I got there, I literally spent hours just admiring each corner to corner of these huge displays. I went during summer 2018 while the weather was still beautiful. They had a live DJ, mini bar, and entertainment. If you ever decide to go to Toronto and love street art (or not), I definitely recommend visiting their graffiti alley! Check out the sneak peek below…

Process Post

I never realized how time-consuming starting your own blog/website can take. Creating this blog was stressful at first because I have never done something like this before. For the first 4 hours I spent on this blog, I swear I only experimented with themes, fonts and playing around trying to get the hang of things. I still have some difficulties but it is not as bad as the first day I started my blog. WTF was what came out of my mouth every time I was frustrated with something (still happens).

Honestly, thank god for lab hours because I can get so much help in that one hour. Sometimes I get lazy or too busy to make time for extra help after class hours, so it’s nice to have that hour to focus on making my blog look somewhat better. Surprisingly, that hour we have for our lab class goes by really fast because there’s so much information being given to us, while I still struggle with the basic things I need to know on how to put your own blog together. Lab time has definitely helped with having my TA answer my burning questions.

Over time, I think I will start getting more comfortable with WordPress but right now I am still trying to get the hang of things. I am excited to see my blog put together with my artwork, photography, fashion, and more. Although frustration and struggle come with creating a blog, I cannot wait until I get more comfortable with this whole process and create a blog I am satisfied with.

Vision Board

Creating my vision board was somewhat difficult because I wanted to incorporate a lot of pictures trying to represent who I am and what I value. I wanted to upload the 5 things that are my favourite things to do. I love traveling, making art/street art, doing adventurous activities with people dancing, and hip hop /r&b music! Doing these things makes me happy and helps express who I am.

Stranger to Friend

I tell myself, “what a small world”, whenever I meet someone that is somehow connected to me, but I never thought it would happen in one of my classes of 28 students. On the first day, everyone in that class was a stranger to me until I introduced myself to the girl sitting beside me. When we started talking, we asked each other what high school we went to. She told me she went to Cambie Secondary, which is also the same school my cousin went to. She asked me who my cousin was and I told her. She stood up in shock and was surprised while she mentioned that my cousin was her close friend. 

After, we started talking and hanging out more. We also recognized that 2 out of our 3 classes were together. We started hanging out after class, grabbing bubble tea and sharing similar interests, such as painting. Now we see each other almost every day and each day our bond gets stronger as we share new experiences together. Our friendship escalated as we have a lot in common. 

It is such a coincidence that I ended up sitting next to a girl that is close friends with my cousin on the first day of class. That made me realize how small this world is especially since it happened in such a small class. We were complete strangers to each other for a few minutes and next thing you know, we have become so close in such a short amount of time.