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After reading Makshada’s review for my blog, I got a better sense of what I need to improve on my site. She mentioned how she viewed my Instagram page that I included on my blog and enjoyed the content I had on my Instagram. Makshada mentioned how I should also add some of my poetry on my blog because it could attract different groups of people. I agree with her and will consider adding some of my poetry on my blog.

Adding poetry on my blog could attract more people on my blog. I do want higher traffic on my site to feel more accomplished. I can then view my analytics and compare how many viewers I gained or lost. I want my audience to stay on my page longer, keeping their attention, and having them come back more than once. In order to do that, I will need to add more content of my poetry for people to relate to. If my audience can relate to my poetry, they would probably come back to my site to see what I post in the future.

Thanks to Makshada for her feedback, I have new perspectives on what I should add on my page.

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