My Online Self

Image taken from me

You may have not met me in person, so you would be wondering how i’m like in person. To tell you the truth, sharing myself online feels restricting and limited. I say this because you always have to be careful about the things you say and post online because the online world isn’t always safe or trustworthy. But, whatever I share online, is my true self. I don’t have time to be fake or someone I’m not because that’s just not the type of person I am. That’s why whenever I add posts on my blog I try to write in a way that feels like I am talking to my audience as if I’m there, face to face having a conversation. There’s a lot of me that I don’t post online because there’s is only so much you can see in a person over their blog posts. Everything seems much more real in person. My online self does express who I am but not to the full extent. I also don’t want to add so much online because if someone really wants to get to know me, I prefer that in person. I think I am much more reserved online because once something is published, it will be there forever. There is so much more to me from the things I post on my blog or pictures I post on Instagram.