Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill is one of my favourite female artists. She is very inspirational to me so I decided, why not paint a portrait of her? I went to Micheals and bought a pretty big canvas. I would have to say my second largest canvas I have owned. This portrait of Lauryn Hill has to be more largest portrait I have done, so i was pretty nervous to see how challenging the process would be. I was actually ecstatic to see the results. This piece took about two months to finish because I was very on and off with it. So finishing this art work was a relief to me.

Mini Assignment: ReMiX

What happens when you think of remix? Probably a musical track, right? Well guess what?! It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. You all probably know by now that visual art is my thing. So, I decided to create a remix in the art form… How did I decide to do this? Well, I got permission to take a picture of my classmates charcoal abstract sketch. Then, I created a remixed version of it by adding colours and soft edges. I basically took things out, added new details and changed it up a bit, but still recreating some aspect of the sketch. I created a watercolour version of my classmates charcoal sketch, adding vibrant cool colours. Take a look at how it turned out:

Hidden Wounds

Image is taken by me.

Hidden Wounds

Chunni, yarn/thread, needle, printmaking transfer sheet.

This piece depicts the idea of sexually harassed and abused women. This is shown by the use of my material and the meaning of my quote, “She’s aesthetically alluring, don’t let them play with it and keep it enduring.” I created a traditional henna design in the illuminated manuscript because the Bengali and Indian culture is a part of my identity. I stitched my quote on a traditional Indian scarf called the chunni because this garment covers a womans head to show respect and modesty.

My Audience

The audience that I imagine to visit my site would be the type of people interested in art. My blog posts are mainly art driven so I would assume people interested in the same thing as me would find my blog intriguing. I imagine young teens, young adults, and maybe even older, visiting my blog. Hopefully, my targeted audience finds my art and blog posts interesting. When my audience views my posts, I imagine that they scroll through the blog and take a minute to view my posts.

The overall layout of my blog is created in a way so that my audience finds to easy to scroll through and that they don’t miss any content and images. The first image that appears when the visitor is on my blog is a landscape picture of me leaning on a brick wall of graffiti, and that should give them an idea or expression of myself or my blog. I decided to go with the dark theme because it fits in better with the style of blog that I am trying to create and also with my art. Having my Instagram page shared on my blog site will also give my audience a better idea of what I do outside of school.

Hopefully my audience enjoys what I post on my blog!

Internal Emotions

Image taken by me

Internal Emotions

Plywood board, acrylic paint, metal, nails, cloth, ink, texture paint, plastic, glue.

This is one of my more abstract pieces. This piece is an artistic representation of my feelings and mental state when I feel anxiety, anger, frustration or any negative emotion. I decided to freely experiment and use material and throw it on this board.

Significant Others

Image taken by me.

Significant Others

Plywood board, paper, xacto knife, black spray paint.

My piece includes faces of individuals that have influenced of motivated me throughout my life. My quote “you learn from your experiences/ trying to seperate the good from the bad/ but you need something bad to experience the good” briefly depicts the situations and challenges I have faced in my life and also face more in my future. These faces of significant others have also been involved in my personal life.


Here is my art piece that I installed in my art exhibition last year.

Image taken by me
Image is taken by me.


Matches, bandages, Fish Oil pills, knives, red solo cups, wooden panels, spray paint, acrylic paint, tack glue.

My piece illustrates the idea of abuse with the use of three-dimensional repeated objects. The objects signify different types of abuse: matches and pills represent drug abuse, mini red solo cups reveal alcoholism and knives symbolize self-harm. The bandages are a metaphor for the act of covering up abuse or eventually healing it. Throughout this piece I used a Mandela effect, which is a technique often used in art therapy because of its balance in symmetry. Artist Tara Donavon influenced my piece as she uses dramatic three-dimensional repeated objects.


Image taken from me.
Image is taken from me

This is a piece I made and here is my text describing this work:


Watercolour on canvas.

This piece shows an abstract watercolour painting of a woman during menstruation. I decided to name this piece ​Womenstruation ​because it is something natural that is part of a woman’s monthly cycle. I feel that we should be more open and accepting of the fact that this is a normal thing that happens and a woman should not feel ashamed or limited to daily activities that an individual wishes to do. Neither should a woman on her period feel unclean or be seen as unclean as menstruation is natural and normal.

Art Gallery of Toronto

Here are few of many pieces from the gallery I visited in Toronto. The Art Gallery of Toronto is a lot bigger than the Vancouver Art Gallery and has many more installations of various art pieces. I few included images and a video I had taken while visiting the gallery.

Images and videos are taken by me.