Guest Speaker: Mauvé Page

Today in class we had a guest speaker come in, Mauvé Page. She is a web designer and discussed topics that guided us to have an aesthetic looking blog. Topics such as fonts, white space, image size, and consistency were some out of the many things she discussed. Page’s presentation was engaging, fun, and informative.

Something that I found helpful during her presentation was when she discussed the weight of images, and how that can slow down the speed of your website. Being aware of how large the files that you upload is very important but thanks to WordPress, it handles that for us so we don’t have to worry too much about that. Page also mentioned how downloading lighter fonts than heavier ones help with the speed of your website as well.

Image taken from here

I honestly never realized how important fonts are. Fonts are what speaks to my viewers and add personality to my posts. Although we can get carried away with fonts, it is important to keep them unified and to match fonts with what you are writing about. During the exercise, we were supposed to trace fonts that best match a blog. For example, we were given a list of fonts and 3 different types of blogs to choose from and our group chose the “hipster food blog”. Then, we had to pick two different fonts that fit with that blog. Once we were done, another group had to guess which blog we chose by looking at the fonts we thought best matched the blog. The font exercise then made me realize how important fonts are.

Mauvé Page’s presentation really helped with educating me on how much the little things matter on your blog. It helped me understand the importance of fonts, white space, colour, and more. After her presentation, I certainly feel like there’s a lot more I can work on to make my page look unified, consistent, and not so boring.