Mini Assignment

Hi there, Spiderman here!

Nishita needed my help with capturing some really cool images that she couldn’t get. I told her I would be glad to help. The reason she needed my help especially was because of my ability to shoot out webs and fly building to building, which obviously she can’t do. You see my friend, there are several styles of graffiti and there is this one style called Heaven. Why is it called heaven? This style is called heaven because these installations are placed way above you, on very tall buildings where you have to climb up and get there. It would take a lot of effort and risks for Nishita to get there and capture those images so I told her I would help her out. My photography skills aren’t THAT bad when I’m in my suit. Look, I will prove to you that I have done it before.
The featured image is taken from here

See, I told you! I can’t wait to go find cool graffiti art around the city that maybe no one has ever seen! Nishita will be so amazed at what my superpowers are capable of and hopefully my photography skills… Anyways, I gottta get going before I run out of time for being in charge. Oh, before I start swinging from building to building once again, let me add my selfie to this blog post.
The featured image link is here

All right my friends, I shall see you all later!

Peace & love,