My Audience

The audience that I imagine to visit my site would be the type of people interested in art. My blog posts are mainly art driven so I would assume people interested in the same thing as me would find my blog intriguing. I imagine young teens, young adults, and maybe even older, visiting my blog. Hopefully, my targeted audience finds my art and blog posts interesting. When my audience views my posts, I imagine that they scroll through the blog and take a minute to view my posts.

The overall layout of my blog is created in a way so that my audience finds to easy to scroll through and that they don’t miss any content and images. The first image that appears when the visitor is on my blog is a landscape picture of me leaning on a brick wall of graffiti, and that should give them an idea or expression of myself or my blog. I decided to go with the dark theme because it fits in better with the style of blog that I am trying to create and also with my art. Having my Instagram page shared on my blog site will also give my audience a better idea of what I do outside of school.

Hopefully my audience enjoys what I post on my blog!