Peer Review #2

Image taken by me from Makshada’s blog.

I had been assigned to peer review Makshada’s blog. From reading her “about me” page, it seems that Makshada is using her page to be expressive about her personal feelings and interactions. She mentions writing little notes about her feelings, which is somewhat similar to me because I take my feelings and create it into poetry. When she also mentions “BLUE thoughts”, I thought that was somethings also similar to me because my poetry is mainly based off of “BLUE thoughts”. Reading her “about me” page gives a brief but straightforward idea of what her blog is about.

While scrolling and reading through her blog, I had noticed that her layout is very simple, easy to read, and unified. Her layout is unified due to her repetition of her certain layout. I admired how easy it is to find specific topics on her website. I also liked the side of her page how she adds tags because for the viewer, it makes it easier to know more about her blog as well. I also like how the more tags she uses, the larger the tag is and that creates awareness of what her posts are based on.

Image taken by me from Makshada’s blog.

Gerts Travis mentions in the reading from class, “These layouts show engaging, powerful messages that internalize without even reading the piece. The art direction isn’t a substitution for the content, but it begs us to dive in and get dirty. The cover gives us a hint about what’s inside, and teases out our emotion, begging us to read the rest.” After reading this, I realized that Makshada could use some more intriguing pictures to capture attention for her viewers. For example, if she blogs about somethings really upsetting, she can add a sorrow picture to create a bold visualization for her post. Like Makshada had mentioned in her “about me” section, “BLUE thoughts”, she can have a visual representation of a blue thought for her post.

The way she has her header on top and on the side is helpful because it gives the visitor to her site an option. The drop down menu Makshada has for her ‘Academic’ section makes it easier for the visitor to also identify which post is supposed to be in each category. A variety of fonts would also look different and interesting to add some mood/tone to her posts.

Overall, Makshada has done a great job with making her blog look easy to explore and simple. I will be looking forward to her future posts!

You can find Makshada’s blog here.

Peer Review #1

Reviewing Kimberly’s food blog was pretty exciting because the content is a lot different from mine and interested me because I love food. While reviewing her blog, I seperated my feedback in two sections: “What I like” and “Suggestions”. Below I have listed my feedback for Kimberly.

What I like:

For me visuals are key and right when I visited her blog, her visuals were nicely laid out nicely in a way to make it easier to comprehend what her post is about. I also really liked how I was able to click next on her posts so it is easier for the viewer to find what they would be interested in. This setup also just had the title and picture for blog posts making it simple and straight to the point of what she is posting.

The way she had her header organized as, “posiel”, “blog”, and “about”, made it simple and easy for me to find what I was looking for. The visuals of the food really help with knowing how the food looks and visualize what she is blogging about. Kimberly adding the price of each person really helps out knowing ahead of time of approximately how much I would have to spend on the food that I am about to eat. Having a heads-up before actually visiting the place knowing from a person who has experienced the food place with the price makes me trust how much I will be spending on what I would eat.


With Kimberly’s amazing layouts and details to her blog, I have a few suggestions what I think would personally improve her blog. I think having ratings categorized by food, customer service, ambience etc. for the food places she visits will help the viewer have a simple and fast understanding of the place. An example can be rating with stars (5 stars being the really good) or numbers like, customer service: 5/5, meaning she experiences excellent customer service. Having a description of the ambience can also help people have a better idea of the atmosphere, vibe, and environment they will be expecting if they were to attend the place. I love the pictures she has included already but even adding more images of the place/ambience would be really helpful as well.

Overall, Kimberly has done a great job with her blog so far. I would definitely go back and visit her blog for my interest in food. I am looking forward to her future posts.

Keep up the great work Kimberly!

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Images taken from Kimberly’s blog