Mini Assignment: ReMiX

What happens when you think of remix? Probably a musical track, right? Well guess what?! It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. You all probably know by now that visual art is my thing. So, I decided to create a remix in the art form… How did I decide to do this? Well, I got permission to take a picture of my classmates charcoal abstract sketch. Then, I created a remixed version of it by adding colours and soft edges. I basically took things out, added new details and changed it up a bit, but still recreating some aspect of the sketch. I created a watercolour version of my classmates charcoal sketch, adding vibrant cool colours. Take a look at how it turned out:


Image taken from me.
Image is taken from me

This is a piece I made and here is my text describing this work:


Watercolour on canvas.

This piece shows an abstract watercolour painting of a woman during menstruation. I decided to name this piece ​Womenstruation ​because it is something natural that is part of a woman’s monthly cycle. I feel that we should be more open and accepting of the fact that this is a normal thing that happens and a woman should not feel ashamed or limited to daily activities that an individual wishes to do. Neither should a woman on her period feel unclean or be seen as unclean as menstruation is natural and normal.